Yvonne - July 2019


I contacted Helen because in one aspect of my life I couldn’t decide what to do, what choice to make. Whatever option I considered left me feeling physically uncomfortable, emotional and ill at ease. 

Consulting with Helen I realised that: 

I was the only person pushing me to make this choice and I don’t have to make it now, there is no rush;   patterns in my life that were impacting my ability to make the right choice for me.

Helen gave me homework requiring me to take time out to be out of my comfort zone.

 I have felt benefits, I have a valuable tool that will enable me to make better choices for myself.



I am so fortunate to have received coaching sessions from Helen. My goal was to become more of true self within my family, and be brave enough to be. Helen has helped me equip my mind to be myself around my family by being mindful of my thoughts and pinpointing that mindful moment to choose whether to believe that thought, or dismiss it as just a thought. She is so kind towards me, and I can see her authentic passion to help me and other people.


18/02/2018  I have had the absolute pleasure of spending two years training with this woman over almost 12 years ago. I also have the privellege of being able to call her a friend.  From the first day I met her I knew she was an amazing, strong, beautiful woman.  I feel honoured to know her and can not reccomend her highly enough.  If you are looking for Authenticity. You could not ask for a better coach.x Helen will never ask.you to travel a road she has.not travelled herself.


Natalie Webb reviewed Authentic Discovery5 star


I really think the work Helen does here is amazing! I'm a firm believer in holistic healing and the cleansing and reading I had was fabulous. I'm looking forward to my life coaching next as now I'm more determined than ever to pursue my goal and live my dreams.


10/04/2018 · 

Helen has helped gains some very helpful insights and helped me to go out of my comfort zone, thanks to Helen's coaching expertise I feel much closer to achieving my goals.


Recently, I had a most wonderfully relaxing meditation session with Helen. I was overwhelmed by the complexity of a project I was working on. Helen, very artfully, weaved my self-doubts and unrealistic expectations into a beautiful meditation journey, enabling me to see for myself that I am skillful enough. Sometimes when I am stressed by my project, I can still hear her soothing voice calming me down and reminding me that I can trust myself. Thank you, Helen!

-Nancy 2018


I just want to say thank you to Helen for coming into my life. I reached out, she threw me a life line and I am forever grateful. I will never underestimate the power of a simple tool that is life changing and Helen gave me many. You're a wonderful person and doing an amazing job. God bless you x

"..lucky enough to have Helen facilitate a mental health awareness course . . .knowledgeable, approachable, reliable, . . . available to give advice and direction.

Phil. B.

Dorthe Wimett reviewed Authentic Discovery5 star

I have gained great insights about my own authenticity, which has helped me rediscover my self-worth - all through Helen’s coaching.

Helen is a warm, honest and giving person, and this shines through in her coaching.

I can highly recommend Helen and her services.

13 February  

I will never forget my experience of working with Helen. Her positive energy, her flexibility and skill, and most of all her sensitivity to the needs of others blew me away. I am always grateful for the opportunity she gave me to learn and grow in her company.

Steven Mills reviewed Authentic discovery 5 star 10th January 2018

Helen is an excellent coach, caring, honest and shows a lot off empathy. Helen is very authentic and has a vast knowledge and life experience which is very relatable to were people are at. Helen has a passion for helping others gain clarity in their lives and living a life free of pain. I highly recommend Helen, very inspiring woman.

Marissa M reviewed Authentic Discovery5 star  12 December

Helen's Coaching style is very down to earth and relatable. As one that is not easily challenged, Helen achieved this not once, but twice! I was able to gain valuable insight going forward.

Jan 2018 · 

Helen is an awesome coach! She herself is so authentic, which makes it easy for a person to let go and be themselves in her coaching. I highly recommend Helen as a coach, sounding board, and/or mentor.Marissa M reviewed Authentic Discovery5 star  12 December

Olga Zilberberg reviewed Authentic Discovery - 5 star 19th January 2018

Thank you Helen!! I am finally at peace with myself. Your support, guidance and warmth have taken me far beyond what I could have expected to go myself. Your coaching skills are superb and you passion to help others is unique. 


15 February at 18:30 · 

Helen is a skilled coach with great listening skills, highly recommended

10 January at 18:47 · 

I can highly recommend Helen as a coach and practitioner, her empathy and desire to help comes out in her care for you. You’ll definitely find your authentic self with Helen!

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Providing 2 day Mental Health  First Aid Courses

Cavan County Council Arts (Ireland)

Youth drama facilitation. Working with young people to develop and perform original theatre pieces. Facilitating learning in all aspects of theatre production.

Athas (Ireland)

Providing creative arts therapy to groups and individuals referred by Athas in Co. Laois, Ireland