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    Our Offering

    We offer you our full attention and dedication to fulfilling your purpose. 

    At Authentic Discovery you will find services all geared towards holistic well being. 

    For the individual, for groups, for employers and employees. 

    You will engage with an honest organisation that is committed to aiding people become the very best version of themselves, exploring the possibilities and producing results that are long lasting and authentic.

    If you are ready to work with us, we can show you how to facilitate positive change. 

    Many of our services can be facilitated online. 

    Links to our services are found at the head and foot of our page, we invite you to discover what we can do for you.

    How may we be of benefit?

    Our Core

    At Authentic Discovery we are all about wellbeing & healing. 

    Mind, Body & Soul.

    In your life and within the workplace.

    We are committed in the belief that each individual is unique and as such has something unique to offer to the world. 

    We know that in order to create a harmonious world we must encourage and facilitate harmony within the self. This is different for everyone, what creates a sense of balance for one, may not for someone else; 'normal to the spider is chaos for the fly'. Therefore we are client led, we believe that you know exactly what you need in order to find your harmony, whether that's personal life coaching, creative arts therapy, Reiki or a mindful approach to life. You just need some space to find you. 

    If you have a workforce that knows they are valued you have a workforce that will ensure that the part they play within your organisation will be played to the best of their abilities. Increasing productivity and client satisfaction. We offer services to support your business by supporting and empowering your employees to take care of themselves.

    A Taste of What We Offer

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    Many of our services can be facilitated online. Contact us for further information or to make an appointment. 

    These moments are your life! Why wait?

    Authentic Discovery has something for you. We tailor make courses and approaches, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 


    A positive relationship creates a positive life

    We know the value of a positive relationship, what better way to start building ours than to arrange to meet us. 

    Get in touch. 

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