Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Theapy is the intentional use of drama, music, movement & art for therapeutic effect. When you watch a movie or play, listen to a piece of music, see a painting, sculpture, hear a story and it resonates or moves you, it connects with you, inspires, you sense the pain, or feel the joy you have been taken on a magic carpet ride by the use of the arts, there has been an affect. Creative Arts Therapy is the intentional use of the arts for therapeuctic effect. 

Man has utilised the power of the arts to make sense of his world, since he first drew on the walls of caves, and danced around fires.  Creative Arts Therapy is a unique way to explore your life, offering a non confrontational  opportunity to know why and where your current way of being has its origins and how to move forward and step into being the best version of yourself. This type of therapy is extremely powerful  in working with all the arts in a intentional way. It is about making art that works not works of art!

If you are not able to say what is happening for you if you don't want to or are unable to 'talk about it'. Creative Arts Therapy may be for you. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This therapy is a time framed focused intervention. Extremely useful for halting negative behaviours and giving space and techniques to move forward. 



External supervision is an excellent opportunity for you to understand your workplace or to explore your work practices if self employed and collaborating with others, or it is  especially supportive for those working in small teams, where you may feel that it will impede your career prospect if you have to discuss dynamics regarding your line manager with your line manager! 

External supervision offers a non judgemental space for you to examine your work practice, understand dynamics, and identify areas for training and progression.  

Living with loss

Loss of any kind can be especially difficult to deal with. Loss of a loved one, can be even more so.  I offer a caring space for you to express your grief and begin to find ways to move forward in life honouring your loss. 

Let me be your Soundboard

Have you got an idea? Not too sure about it? This non judgemental soundboarding service is aimed at you. You tell me your idea and I will give you honest authentic feedback, ask probing questions as you in expand your idea into a reality. 'Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come' Victor Hugo


Develop a mindful approach to life, Present moment awareness, Life can be difficult incorporating the tools of mindfulness can aid greatly in improving mental health and wellbeing. 


See the benefits that taking time to meditate can have on how you spend all of your time. 

Learning tools and techniques in developing this life long practice its benefits can not be underestimated. 

Personalised Guided Meditation

Addiction, stress, anxiety (to name but a few) can be difficult to recover from, even more difficult to live with. A personalised guided meditation recording can aid you in your recovery process. Creating new synaptic pathways, developing new coping strategies. Get in touch if there is an issue you feel this type of support would be of benefit. Talk to me to find out more.

Creative Mindfulness

Using the tools of creativity and mindfulness to create, build and develop resilience for positive mental health.  Excellent for all ages. 

Holistic You (all of you)