What to do in an emergency


If you should be with someone who presents as either harmful to self or others, asses the risk.

Before you make a commitment to stay, be serious about whether you have the time.

Contact one of the services below if you feel that extra support is required. 


Sometimes all anyone needs is someone to listen. 


As you listen and observe, evaluate whether further support is required. 


As you engage in conversation, stay calm, be non judgemental, be authentic. Listen. Evaluate. 


Do not underestimate how powerful hope is.  Let them know they are not alone, that there is support out there.

Self Care

If you have spent time with someone in crisis ensure that you take time to process your experience. Do something that you enjoy, find someone you can talk to. Take care of you. 

Emergency Contact


If someone should be in crisis

If you are supporting someone and you feel that they may do harm to self or others then please contact your emergency services (UK) 999

If you wish to talk to someone immediately

If you need to talk to someone immediately then please contact the Samaritans 

on 116 123 (this is a free call)

Or email them jo@samaritans.org


Help is available

If you feel that it's all too much and you require immediate support, please contact one of the organisations above. Or speak to a someone.  

Help is available. You are not alone.